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Crane Hire FAQs

Hiring equipment from a crane hire company is not without difficulties, especially in the case of first time hirers. When trying to acquire such heavy equipment, many may experience problems in choosing a certain size and type of crane, providing an appointed person or discriminating between the two main crane hire options. Concerns like these and several other questions are part of the crane hire FAQs and many crane hire companies add this section on their websites to ensure that their customers receive the information they need before taking the step of contacting the company.

What size and type of crane do I need?

The primary factors in determining the type and capacity of a particular crane regard the weight of the load that is to be lifted and the radius between the machine and the place where it is being lifted or placed. Websites may offer detailed descriptions of the cranes available for hire, and customers are entitled to recommendations on the model of crane that is most suitable for the client's project.

What do I need to provide on the day of the hire?

This depends on the crane hire option the customer is subjected to. Under crane hire conditions, the customer will need to provide the proper documents before the company's driver can begin the job. Such documents include the method statement, risk assessment and the berthing study, and are required according to The Health and Safety at Work Act. If the customer has to do a contract lift, then the company is responsible of producing the necessary documents. In addition, whatever crane hire option the customer chooses, the company should also provide essential lifting accessories required during the lifting operation.

Do I need to have insurance?

This, again, depends whether the lift is to be performed under crane hire or contract lift terms. In the first case, the answer is positive, and the client needs to insure the crane for loss or damage during the period of the hire. In addition, he should also have third party liability insurance.

What is an appointed person?

This is a ubiquitous term when it comes to crane hire companies, and any customer should know the definition of it. An appointed person or a competent person is a qualified specialist who can take full responsibility for the lifting operations, performing all his duties according to the health and safety legislation. If a customer doesn't have a professional to plan, conduct and supervise the lift, then he should elect to have a contract lift.

What is the minimum length of hire?

Normally, the shortest period of hire is one day, yet some companies may allow private arrangements for even shorter periods.

Do your company members carry any form of certification?

All crane hire companies are obliged to operate under certain health and safety legislations, but not all companies will have the same certifications. Whilst some are mandatory, such as being members of the CPA, other companies may have additional certifications and competencies.

What area do you cover?

Before even considering a certain crane hire company, clients need to find out whether the service provider can operate in their area. Some companies have an extensive area of operation, whilst for others that area is more limited.

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