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Ship Cranes

Offshore wind facilities, new bridges, and offshore oil rigs are practically keeping ship cranes in business. These specialized vessels are used in all types of offshore construction. Floating cranes are simply cranes mounted to some type of marine vessel. There are different vessels according to what job the ship crane will be completing. These floating cranes are still just as powerful and stable as a land based crane. They are used not only in offshore construction, but they have also been used to unload oddly shaped objects from a ship and even salvage sunken ships. These versatile marine cranes are definitely hard workers of the sea.

The Benefits of using Ship Cranes

Ship cranes can look different; depending on what they are mounted to and what type of crane rigging is being used. Some ship cranes are mounted on a pontoon. These flat bottom boats provide much needed stability and support for the massive ship cranes. They could also be mounted to a specialized crane barge. These large vessels have lifting capacities exceeding 8,000 tonnes. Because of their water location, these cranes also must have the ability to revolve. These factors all put the ship crane in a special category.

Ship cranes can be used for many regularly occurring jobs. When bridges must be built over large expanses of water, it is necessary to hire a ship crane. They are not only capable of lifting large pieces of the bridge into place, but they can even transport these sections from land. They are haulers and lifters, all put together in one sea vessel. Another new industry using these floating cranes is the offshore wind farm business. As these offshore wind facilities become more and more popular, the shift toward ship cranes will be necessary. From unloading the building elements at the dock to putting them in the proper place, ship cranes will be put to immediate use.

Along with the common offshore construction and even working on oil rigs, the ship crane can be used for occasionally odd projects. Although it is not a booming industry, scientists and historians still search for sunken ships and vessels. There is so much to be learned from a sunken ship. The fact that the common ship crane can assist in such a historical capacity is wonderful. There is also an occasional oddly shaped object that must be removed from a ship. A simple ship crane can contribute to such a project as well. No matter the nature of the job, ship cranes are versatile and dependable.

Ship cranes are definitely noteworthy vessels. They have the capability to lift extreme amounts of weight, all while they are afloat. Their stability and reliability have made ship cranes quite common and requested. Most companies and agencies specializing in offshore construction of any kind are quick to entrust their work to a ship crane. It is evident that these hard working floating cranes can pull their weight in the crane hire industry. No matter what lifting needs you have, a ship crane is your best solution if water is involved.

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