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Crane Hire

Introduction to Crane Hire

Sometimes when you are working on a project either for yourself or for your company, there will be difficult jobs that only the use of a crane will be able to assist you with. The problem that this causes is that cranes are very expensive to purchase and maintain, so chances are that you do not have one readily available for you to use to complete your project. This does not mean that you will not be able to complete the job because there are many crane hire companies throughout the UK.

The UK has one of the most advanced crane hire industries in the world and they have created a set of regulations that are designed to provide safety for all parties involved. The crane hire service is used by many different industries for a wide variety of reasons. A production company may need to hire a camera crane to shoot the perfect music video, a moving company may need to hire a crane to lift extremely heavy, odd-shaped furniture like a piano to a high-rise apartment, or a landscape company may need to lift a solid marble statue to the centre of a garden. The uses of a crane really are limitless.

Types of Crane Hire

There are many different types and styles of cranes that are available for crane hire. Some of the different types are:
  • Camera cranes allow you to easily capture every perfect shot, even those that need to be taken from above or taken in hard to reach places.
  • Overhead cranes allow the lifting of extremely heavy loads and can be easily used at construction sites, shipyards or warehouses.
  • Mobile cranes are smaller cranes that are easy to move around making them the perfect option for indoor crane needs.
  • All terrain cranes are specially designed to operate on various landscapes which gives your construction team access to almost every necessary area.
  • Floor cranes are perfect for areas with little moving space available, like warehouses, because they are easily able to manoeuver around corners and through doorways.
  • Engine cranes are a great tool for mechanics who are working to replace a car engine that requires a lot of detailed work.

Benefits of Crane Hire

There are many benefits for choosing to use a crane hire instead of purchasing one, especially if the crane is not used on a daily bases. By using a crane hire, you will not have to worry about storing or transporting the crane, which can be very difficult and expensive to do because of how large the cranes can be. You will also not have to worry about servicing or fixing the crane if it were to break down because the entire upkeep and maintenance would be the hire companyís responsibility.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using a crane hire service is the range of cranes that are available for you to use. Different jobs require different types of cranes, depending on the size of the load, terrain of the ground and other factors. By using crane hire, the type of crane the best fits your projectís needs will always be available and you will not need to purchase several types of cranes.

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Crane Hire

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