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Lifting Crane Hire

How can you tell if your job requires the use of a crane to complete? This question is relatively easy because cranes provide a service unlike most other heavy equipment available. A crane allows you to easily lift extremely heavy loads of materials, many with weights upwards of several tons. A crane is also able to lift high and lower down into hard to reach locations that by any other means could not be reached or at least not be reached without disturbing the surroundings. A crane also has an extendable arm that allows it to reach heights unlike most construction vehicles. This allows contractors or movers to lift heavy objects to elevated locations as needed. So to tell if you need a crane or not, you would need to know if your job meets any of the above scenarios for what a crane is used for.

Why use a Lifting Crane Hire?

If you do find that you are in need to a crane, the high cost of purchasing one may have pushed the idea out of your mind. There is no need to purchase a crane to help you complete your job because you can easily use a lifting crane hire service. With this service the lifting crane hire company will send a specialist to your site, he will assess the job to be done and then recommend the type of crane that can be used to meet your needs. At this point a lifting crane hire agreement can be made so you will be able to hire the crane for your use.

The lifting crane hire company will transport the crane to your job site and then return to pick it up when the job is completed. The allows you to have full use of the crane without the stress of owning one and you will be able to have your job completed at a fraction of the cost. If you or one of your staff members does not have the required experience in working with cranes, you will also need to hire a crane operator as part of your lifting crane hire agreement. This will cost you more but you will gain the use of an experienced crane operator who will work with you to complete the job at hand.

Are There Lifting Limits?

You will need to understand when you are using a lifting crane hire that each crane has a maximum weight limit of what the crane is able to hold. You are legally not allowed to put more weight on the crane than what the limitation is. This figure will be calculated by the hired crane operator. He will take full responsibility for the crane and its operations. Your only responsibility as far as the weight limit is to give the lifting crane hire company accurate descriptions, including weight, of the material that is to be lifted. It is very important that you give the most accurate information that is available to you. If an accident is caused by the crane for misinformation you gave, you can be held accountable for the damages done.

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