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Tower Crane

A tower crane is a leviathan with a weight-lifting power that really defies belief. A huge tower crane could have a lifting capacity of twenty tons while rising to more than 250 feet high. A tower crane would be of the utmost importance when it comes to the industry of construction, especially when it comes to huge scale units of manufacturing. At constructions sites, such huge cranes stay anchored to huge concrete pads that have anchor bolts, which reach deep into those pads. They could also be constructed taller, if extra mast sections are added onto it as needed. Most companies choose to use a tower crane and tower crane hire happens to be their number one choice in doing so.

In general, tower crane hire can be found for a fixed monthly fee. Apart from the fee spent for the amount of time in which the tower crane is actually present at a site, other charges are involved in tower crane hire. There are charges to ship the tower crane to the site in which it is needed, as well as charges for any required manpower to put it together at the beginning and take it apart again at the end. Charges would also be involved when it comes to renting mobile cranes that are needed to put a tower crane together. Any owner of a tower crane would also provide a lot of easy solution services for customers while pieces of equipment get rented out.

To handle heavy weights and to lift these weights to a great height, a tower crane would be necessary. And, for those companies that do not own a tower crane, tower crane hire could be ideal and are readily available as construction sites and other facilities always need to load or move heavy objects every day. Such heavy materials may need to get moved from one location to another, loaded onto waiting trailers, fitted properly into available structures, or unloaded from bigger vehicles. Sometimes, these operations need to be done at significant heights and can only be done with the help of a tower crane.

Lifting tackles refer to smaller machinery pieces that many construction companies own; however, tower crane hire would still be necessary most of the times as tower cranes are more versatile when it comes to the heavier loads. A tower crane has a primary mast, on which a slewing jib is attached that can be rotated 360 degrees. To ensure the jib stays balanced, proper counterweights are offered up on the jib's opposite sides. Whenever objects need lifting with a tower crane, provision exists to increase the height with extra mast modules.

Tower crane hire is a solution that is practical, and leasing companies will transport crane modules to the worksite of the customer, as needed. Tower crane charges are based on the number of days it is used, along with additional charges for shipping and module assembling and dismantling at worksites. Companies that have personal crews can deal with dismantling and fitting to save charges when they choose to make use of tower crane hire.

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