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Tower Crane Hire

Tower cranes are one of the most popular cranes to be used at the worksite. They provide many benefits that other types of cranes are not able to provide. Tower cranes are very quick to set-up and can be done within twenty minutes and they are just as easy to tear down when done. Most tower cranes only require one person to operate them making it easier to staff your project. They offer a great amount of stability, even during high winds, which makes them a safer choice for many companies. Tower cranes also work at a faster, more reliable speed allowing you to get your job done sooner.

Hiring a Tower Crane

When you choose to use a tower crane hire you will have availability to the use of a tower crane without the need to purchase one of these very expensive pieces of equipment. The process of tower crane hire will begin with a staff member from the hire company coming out to your worksite to inspect the area and to adequately understand the type of job you want the crane to perform. They will be able to offer you expert advice and will work with you to devise a plan to have your crane job completed. The tower crane hire specialist can help you create a design and layout for your plan which will make the process go smoother.

Once the tower crane hire agreement is made the hire company will deliver your tower crane to your worksite for your use. You may choose to use one of their crane operators or provide your own. The tower crane hire company will continue to be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the crane. When your hire agreement ends, the company will come back to pick up the crane.

Tower Crane Hire Operators

To hire a crane legally under the CPA’s guidelines there will need to be a person designated as the Appointed Person. This Appointed Person will be responsible for all of the planning, operations and any personnel involved with use of the crane. This person must be qualified in all aspects of using the crane if they are to be used as the Appointed Person. You as the company using the tower crane hire have two options to meet this requirement. You can either use your own crane operator or hire a crane operator from your tower crane hire company. If you choose to hire a crane operator, the tower crane hire will accept full responsibly for the crane and its use.

You can choose to select an employee to fill this spot if they meet the necessary requirements. This will put the responsibility for the crane and its use while at your worksite on your business and you will be expected to take out a full insurance coverage policy to cover these costs. If you do not have a qualified employee, you can consider having them trained in crane operations. This is especially a good idea if your business will be using a tower crane hire often. There are many locations throughout the UK that offer appropriate training for your staff. There are also government grants available to help offset some of the costs for the training.

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