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Crane Hire Costs

When your job requires more than what the average construction tools are able to provide, the use of a crane may be necessary. Cranes can help you carry and move very heavy materials and reach high places or hard to reach areas which can make your project easier to complete. Not only is the cost of purchasing a crane very high but you must also consider the need to store and transport the crane. These costs just simply do not fall into many projects budget so the use of a crane hire service is an affordable way to have the service of a crane without the extreme cost of purchasing one. Crane hire costs are a cost effective method that many companies and individuals understand the benefits of.

Crane Hire Costs

The biggest part of crane hire that you will encounter is the crane hire cost. This will be the fee imposed for the delivery and use of the crane. The cost will be directly dependent upon the type and size of the crane, the number of days you need to hire the crane and if any additional equipment is needed for your crane. Some companies add the crane hire delivery fee on to your bill which would count the distance and time it takes to deliver your crane to the job site.

Prior to hiring a crane, a specialist from the hire company should come out to your site and assess the conditions of the site and understand the job that needs to be completed. The specialist will then be able to advise you on which crane will be best to use for your specific job. They will create a contract with you that should detail all of the crane hire costs involved. It is very important that you state the job to be done in as much detail as possible during this initial meeting. This will ensure the appropriate crane will be used and save you money in the end.

Crane Hire Costs - Operator Hire

According the CPA regulations for crane hire, an appointed person must be assigned with every crane hire agreement. This Appointed Person must be qualified and knowledgeable in all areas of using the crane and they will be the responsible person for all of the crane operations. If you have a member of your staff who meets these requirements then they are able to act as the appointed person. However, if there is no one with the experience you will need to hire a crane operator from your hiring company as well. This hired crane operator will at that point act as the appointed person. These fees will be added to your crane hire costs.

Crane Hire Costs - Insurance Needs

When using crane hire, you will need to take out insurance to cover the time frame from when you are using the crane. The crane hire costs of this insurance policy will depend on what type of crane you hire and who is used as the appointed person. If you need to hire a crane operator, you will only need to take out a limited insurance policy but if you use your own crane operator a full coverage insurance policy will be needed.

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Crane Hire

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