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Portable Crane Hire

Portable cranes can be the perfect solution for your company’s needs because they are smaller, safer and less expensive that the larger style cranes. They are perfect for warehouses, factories, automotive garages and many other locations. A portable crane can be the perfect solution to help you and/or your employees handle heavy material in a safe and efficient manner. The crane can lift the heavy materials for you and save your employees from many backbreaking activities which could cause them problems for years to come.

These portable cranes come on wheels which make them very manoeuvrable and their compact size lets them fit through doorways, narrow hallways and they can even be loaded into an elevator. But do not let their compact size fool you because these portable cranes are able to lifts objects that weigh between one to three tons, depending on the crane you are using. They can easily pick up any heavy materials allowing your job to get done in a safer and faster method. The use of a portable crane hire can provide your worksite with a crane to help complete your jobs easier.

Types of Portable Cranes

Portable cranes include floor cranes, engine cranes, shop cranes and engine hoist cranes and are any crane that is small and versatile and easy to handle. They require no installation or set up and come in various styles and designs to fit many different needs. They come with two different lifting capabilities. The first is the manual push crane where the crane must be manually pushed up and down with a lever. The other type is a full powered hydraulic floor crane where the crane is automatically pushed up and down as needed. This type of crane is best for jobs that require repetitive lifting to be done. Both types of cranes can be used at your worksite through a portable crane hire company.

Benefits of Portable Crane Hire

Portable cranes are very versatile and easy to use; although they are smaller in size than most cranes they still have massive power to lift up to three tons of weight. Portable cranes are easy to move around the workspace and use at different locations as needed. They are made of stainless steel which makes them both durable and easy to keep clean. Some types come with adjustable heights so they can be made to match any job requirements. By using a portable crane hire, you will instantly be able to have the use of a dependable portable crane.

There are many benefits that you can receive from using a portable crane hire rather than purchasing one. Obviously there will be a great reduction in costs by hiring a crane versus purchasing one but you will also not have the added expense of maintaining and servicing the crane. You will also have the ability to hire different types of portable cranes for different types of projects or just choose to try another style of crane; you will have that flexibility with portable crane hire.

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