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Gantry Crane Hire

There are many different types of cranes that are made to handle many different types of jobs. The use of the crane is usually determined by the amount of weight it can handle and the mobility of the crane to move and to what height it can extend. There are cranes available that can help move or lift heavy furniture into a top floor apartment and the crane will provide the adequate service for that job. But that same crane could not be put into a factory or industrial setting and be expected to perform for those types of jobs.

When you are dealing with heavy duty industrial or factory loads, a stronger crane is necessary. For this type of heavy duty lifting, usually the gantry crane is used. The gantry crane is considered to be the toughest of cranes and able to perform well in a factory or industrial setting. These cranes are also commonly used at shipyards to help lift very heavy packages off of the ships. They are a great choice of crane if the workload is heavy. They can also be a bit expensive, so many companies choose to use a gantry crane hire instead of putting the expense into purchasing one.

Advantages of a Gantry Crane Hire

Gantry crane hire services are available for both long-term and short-term hire, depending on your company's needs. Gantry cranes use a hoist system to lift objects which works in combination with a hoist trolley. Some of the gantry cranes come with wheels which allow it greater mobility and the ability to move at right angles as needed. These cranes can move horizontally and are sometime run on rails. The gantry cranes are able to lift incredible amounts of weight and that feature is what gantry crane hire is widely used for.

Some of the gantry cranes come with a means of adjusting them so their height can be changed to meet your needs but other come with a fixed height and are unable to be raised or lowered. If you are going to use a gantry crane hire for a crane of fixed height, you must first be certain that the height will be appropriate for your needs. Many of the fixed height gantry crane hires are at about three meters high and the adjustable height gantry crane hires span about two meters to five meters. Some of these cranes also come with adjustable arms that give the crane more mobility.

In recent years, they have made gantry cranes that are not quite as heavy duty and thus are easier to move. These include the aluminium gantry cranes that are able to support up to 1500 kg and portable gantry cranes that are much easier to move from location to location. Some popular manufacturers of gantry cranes are Metro Engineering Industries, Wallace and Global. When choosing your gantry crane hire, begin by first determining what your needs are including you weight lifting requirements because those factors will help you select the appropriate gantry crane to meet your company's needs.

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