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Crane Hire Jobs

Cranes are used by many contractors who need the assistance of moving materials from one location to another or lifting materials to elevated levels. Various types of cranes are used in many different industries including construction, moving, landscaping, entertainment and many more. The types of material the can be lifted or moved by a crane is truly limitless. Many of these industries do not use a crane on a daily basis but only on an as-need basis and they usually use the crane hire services instead of purchasing the very expensive cranes.

With such a large demand for the use of cranes there is an equally large demand for crane hire jobs. Crane hire companies must employee office workers, salespeople and crane operators. Crane operators are not just hired for crane hire jobs but they are also used by contractors in various industries. In order to be a crane operator, you must be qualified and experienced in all parts of using a crane. Specific training is required before you are able to receive a job as a crane operator.

Crane Hire Jobs Training Requirements

There are many locations throughout the UK that offer training programs for people who wish to become crane operators. The most common method for people to reach the crane operator requirements is to obtain a CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) card, which will be required to obtain any of the crane hire jobs with companies associated with the MCG (Major Contractor Group) or the NCF (National Contractor Federation). The CPCS card will be the proof that is required to show that you are competent to operate a crane.

The first step to receiving your CPCS card is to obtain a Trained Operator Card which is obtained by passing a practical test. This card is referred to as a red card and is valid for up to two years. Within the two year time frame allowed, you must continue on and obtain a Competent Operators Card, also referred to as the blue card. This card will require you to pass a construction skills test and a theory test to establish that you have the skills and knowledge to operate a crane. This card is good for five years and can be renewed. With the blue card, you will be able to obtain one of the crane hire jobs as a crane operator.

Crane Hire Job Outlook

The need for cranes is increasing every year, especially as we are building many taller structures. Since there are specific requirements for many of the crane hire jobs, there is also a big demand for qualified employees. It does not look as if this demand for qualified operators will be decreasing any time soon. If you are interested in obtaining a crane operator CPCS card, you should receive the proper training so that you will be more employable to many different contractors. Some companies offer to send their employers to training to help them obtain the needed requirements. There are also educational grants available that can help you with some of the expenses for receiving proper training.

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