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Crane Hire in the UK

While many people will be happy to hire small pieces of equipment such as hand held concrete breakers and drills, the idea of hiring a crane would not be considered the normal thing to do. Just what sort of work was going to be carried out with this? By and large it will not be individuals who hire out a crane but a company who has a large job and this is one piece of equipment they need that they do not own. Crane hire in the UK now offers the chance for smaller companies to bid for contracts which would normally be out of their reach.

Ainscough Cranes are one of the largest companies for crane hire in the UK. They have a fleet of over 500 cranes and are able to provide an operator to go with any hire. This is important as many companies will not have a trained operator and it is important that machinery of this size is only worked by someone who is well qualified. Cranes tend to be capable of lifting anything from 10 tonnes up to an amazing 1,250 tonnes. As they will be moving so much it is important that they are well serviced before and after they are rented out to a company.

Crane Hire in the UK Hiring Guidelines

All companies involved in crane hire in the UK have strict guidelines to adhere to. The Construction Plant Hire Association lay down the terms and conditions and considering the implications and cost both financially and the risk of danger to people, all operators will find it in their best interest to stick to them.

There are two distinct ways of dealing with crane hire in the UK and they are CPA Crane Hire and a CPA Contract Lift basis. Due to health and safety terms it is only possible for companies to rent under the CPA crane hire if they are able to prove that they have someone in a position to take complete control of the lifting operation. As soon as the crane reaches the base of the company hiring the equipment they become responsible for it and anything that happens as a result of its use. They should make sure that their insurance is up to date and that they are covered for the use of the additional crane. This covers a number of areas including:-
  • Any damage to the crane or other buildings and injuries sustained by the driver or inflicted on anyone else.
  • Goods that are being moved by the crane as they may be expensive items.
  • Theft or damage to the crane as there seems to be splurges of equipment theft.
  • Compensation for loss of earnings while either the driver or crane is out of operation.

    Crane Hire in the UK Responsibility

    With crane lifting the responsibility stays with the owner and they need to make sure that they are covered for all possible outcomes such as damage and injuries. While it can still be an expensive business, crane hire in the UK can be a lot cheaper than buying a crane outright, especially if you do not need to use it a great deal. It is no longer the case when cranes had to be bought and stored and companies such as Ainscoughs offer a much needed service.

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