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Construction Crane Hire

Introduction to Construction Crane Hire

If you are in the construction business, you will know that there are some jobs that need to be done that normal construction vehicles are not able to handle. These jobs include tasks such as the construction of tall buildings, lifting and moving heavy materials, unloading a heavy shipment or piling materials. When jobs like these are necessary a construction company will bring in a construction crane to do the job. For construction companies who use construction cranes often purchasing one may be their best option but for a construction company who does not use a crane every day, the use of a construction crane hire will be their best option.

Construction Crane Hire

Companies are most likely to choose construction crane hire because it eliminates the need for them to store, transport and maintain the crane while still giving them complete use of the crane. They will also be given a wider range of construction cranes to choose from so they can select the type of construction crane that will work best for their specific job's needs. The cranes come in a range of height and weight limitations and lifting or grabbing options. A contractor from the construction crane hire company will be able to advise you on the best type of crane to use to meet you project's needs.

You will be able to contract a construction crane hire by using your own crane operator or having the hire company provide a crane operator for you. If you choose to use your own crane operator, they must be able to meet and prove that they meet all of the legal requirements to operate the crane. Without the proper documentation, your employee will not be granted the right to operate the crane. When using your own crane operator, your company takes total responsibility for the construction crane once it is delivered to the construction site. If you choose to use an operator from the construction crane hire, they maintain responsibility for the crane throughout its use.

Selecting a Construction Crane Hire Company

When you are ready to find a construction crane hire, you should look for hire companies that are accredited with the CHAS (Construction Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) and working under the legal rules of the CPA (Construction Planet Hire Association). This will ensure that the legal requirements will be met and that you will be working with a well-respected company. The construction crane hire company should send a technician to your site to assess the area, evaluate your needs and take all factors into consideration to determine the best plan for your project. They will discuss safety and load requirements and lifting options.

Your company will need to retain insurance to cover the crane while it is being used on your site. If you have decided to use your own company's crane operator than you will need to retain full coverage insurance for the crane for the duration it is under your use. If you are using a construction crane hire operator, you can purchase limited insurance coverage to only cover accidents caused by your company's neglect.

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