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Mini Crawler Crane Hire

Crawler cranes are thought to be one of the toughest and durable cranes available. They are very large but also very stable and can lift very large loads of materials. These cranes run on rubber tracks that allow for better traction on different type of landscapes. While these large crawler cranes do provide a large hauling capacity, they are so large that transporting them between locations is a long and expensive process. Usually the crawler crane must be taken apart and transported to the new location and then reassembled again. On top of that they are very expensive to purchase. Based on the same design as these massive crawler cranes, the crane manufactures have developed a mini version of the crawler.

Mini Crawler Cranes

The mini crawler is only a fraction of the size of the larger crawler crane but it follows the same basic design as its larger prototype. These mini crawler cranes have become quite popular, especially for those projects that are done in confined spaces. There are many mini crawler crane hire companies that will deliver these cranes right to your work site allowing you to start using the crane immediately with no assembly required as in the larger crawler crane.

Most of the mini crawler cranes come with a hydraulic motor and run on electricity. Although they are compact in size, they still have a lifting capacity of one to eight tons. This is incredible power for such a compact crane. As the larger crawler crane, the mini crawler comes on rubber tracks which allows it to be more versatile by working on many different types of terrain.

This is a popular choice of crane for construction companies, clean-up companies and tunnelling companies although they are used throughout the crane industry. There are many mini crawler crane hire companies that have several different types of mini crawler cranes and a salesperson at the hire company can help you determine the right type for your project that will meet your needs.

Mini Crawler Crane Hire

As with any hiring process, you will want to do a check on the mini crawler crane hire company you are considering using. Ensure that they meet safety standards and that they are accredited. If you are using the mini crawler crane hire company’s crane operator, ask to see their CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) card to prove that they are qualified to operate the mini crawler crane.

You will also want to meet with specialists from the mini crawler crane hire company initially to discuss your job requirements and how their hire company can help you meet those requirements. They should come out to your job site so that they can better assess the job requirements and the environmental conditions. They can help you devise an appropriate plan for your mini crawler crane hire and complete a comprehensive risk assessment for you project, this is done as an added safety measure. Finally, make sure that crane insurance is covered under your hire agreement.

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