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If your company has found the need to use the services of a crane hire, you will need to determine who will be the appointed person for the crane. The CPA guidelines require that for every crane that is hired out there must be a qualified appointed person who will be designated to be the responsible party for all crane operations while it is under hire. This appointed person must be able to prove that they are qualified and have a good knowledge of all aspects concerning the operating the crane. They will need to understand the crane limitations and ensure that all legal guidelines for the cranes use are being complied with. When entering into a crane hire agreement you will have two choices for selecting the appointed person where you can choose your own qualified crane operator or hire an operator from the crane hire company.

Hire a Crane Operator

If you choose to hire an operator from your crane hire company, you will receive several advantages and disadvantages. The advantages you receive will be that you have a crane operated by someone with expert experience that will be able to offer you advice on the best methods to use to complete your job. This option will also relieve your company from almost all responsibility of the crane and its use- you will be able to explain your job and let the hired operator do the work for you. This option will also allow you to purchase the cheaper limit insurance policy coverage.

Some of the disadvantages of hiring a crane operator are that it takes the control out of your hands and puts it into your hired operator's hands. You will have limited decision-making authority and the crane operator will be making most final decisions about the cranes use. This option will also cost more because you will need to cover the cost of the crane hire and the operator hire.

Train a Crane Operator

You can also choose to have yourself or an employee act as the appointed person as long as they are able to prove their qualifications. This plan will also offer you a set of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages you will receive are that your company will be the ones making the decisions about what the crane's operations are. This can be a great time saver because you will not need to go through the hiring company every time there is a change to your crane's needs. Your hiring fees will also be cheaper because you will only have to pay for the costs to hire the crane, since the crane operator will be your employee.

Some of the disadvantages are that you will need to either hire a qualified employee or train an employee to become a qualified crane operator. There are some grants available through the government that may be able to offset some of your expenses for training. You will also need to take out full coverage on the crane for the duration of its use by your company. This means that your company takes total responsibility for the crane's use while at your job site.

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