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Truck Mounted Crane Hire

There are all sorts of cranes available through crane hire and knowing what each machine is designed for will help the customer choose the right crane for a particular project. Truck mounted cranes are one of the most popular cranes in the United Kingdom today. They come with both advantages and disadvantages.

Truck Mounted Cranes Ė Advantages and Disadvantages

As the name suggests this is a type of crane that is fixed on a truck, this specific build facilitating improved movements of the crane. The largest benefit of using a truck mounted crane translates through the mobility and flexibility that this crane can offer. The reason behind the apparition of truck mounted cranes was to eliminate the problem of carrying the lifting machine from one place to another at the construction site.

The movement of the crane is quite low however because the truck itself has to carry the heavy load that is the crane. This is the main disadvantage of a truck mounted crane, but given the fact that the crane can be transported around the jobsite without too much hassle makes this machine one of the most valued and commonly used type of crane available.

Truck mounted cranes are equipped with outriggers that are meant to keep the machine fully stable whilst in use. Their design makes them suitable for many terrain types and their main role is to pick up various loads, mostly transport materials. Truck mounted cranes can be used in areas that are rather difficult to access with other sorts of cranes. They can be highly useful in emergency pick-up situations, and are also suitable for use in constricted spaces. With all these advantages in mind, itís not surprising that mobile cranes such as truck-mounted cranes are extremely cost-effective and convenient to use.

Truck Mounted Crane Hire Options

When it comes to hiring lifting equipment such as truck mounted cranes, customers have two options available: crane hire or contract lifting service. The reason why there are two hire options can be explained by the fact that the complexity of a crane hire procedure is quite significant, and this might cause difficulties for some customers, especially in the case of first time hirers.

Hiring a heavy machine to use it in risky lifting operations assumes that the customer will have to comply to certain health and safety procedures. Thus, one of the crane hiring conditions that customers are subjected to states that clients need to provide a qualified appointed person to supervise and conduct the lifting operations based on proper safety standards. Amongst this personís attributions are also the making of method statements and risk assessments as well as providing the adequate personnel to perform the lifting operation, including crane operators, slingers and signallers.

Above is the general description of crane hire. If the customer does not have an appointed person to assume these roles, then he needs to hire a machine according to a contract lift. Through this, the entire responsibility of the operation along with selecting the proper personnel and machine to carry out the necessary task is handed to the hire company.

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