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Harbour Cranes

What are Harbour Cranes?

Since the Middle Ages, harbour cranes have been an excellent resource for the shipping industry. Their speed and agility make loading and unloading ships and barges a fairly easy feat. Harbour cranes are quite simplistic in their make-up as well. This makes operation and maintenance something that can be done efficiently. These special cranes have been seen along docks and shipyards for many centuries. Their usage has continued because of their developments and versatility. They are stable cranes that can help lift and haul containers, pieces of equipment, and various other items being shipped.

Harbour cranes came about during the Middle Ages. The average harbour crane consisted of a structure that pivoted and included double tread wheels. They were located along the side of docks to assist in loading and unloading cargo. These early cranes were quite primitive, yet they are still influential on crane design today. Also known as a gantry crane, harbour cares were able to pivot on a vertical axle. Although modern day harbour cranes are more similar to a tower crane, these first cranes were definitely efficient and capable of completing their tasks. Their double tread wheel system allowed for work to be speedy and still safe.

Harbour Cranes around the UK

Most harbour cities today are outfitted with various types of harbour cranes. Cities across the UK are sure to possess harbour cranes that are capable of major lifting jobs. Operators have to undergo extensive training to operate a harbour crane. Because they deal with various types of cargo and equipment, the operators must be prepared to lift any object. These cranes must also be capable of turning over several tonnes of cargo per hour. This is how their success is measured. These modern day harbour cranes are powerful and universal when it comes to handling large cargo and equipment.

As for harbour crane innovation, there are now new mobile harbour cranes being introduced. These new mobile harbour cranes are setting new standards for efficiency and reliability. They are definite assets for any dockside company responsible for loading or unloading of any kind. They are reaching new landmarks with weight capacity and extension length. These special harbour cranes are also garnering awards and attention for their abilities. Many major crane manufacturing companies are producing these cranes rapidly, and selling them just as quickly. These innovative cranes also have several customisable features for every customer and company. Their ability to fit any harbour need makes these innovative products special.

Harbour cranes may be old in design, but they are transitioning easily into the shipping future. Many dockside companies are shifting their fleets and continually acquiring new harbour cranes. Depending on how much space you have available and the exact types of loads that will be lifted, there is easily a harbour crane that is right for you. Major crane manufacturers are continually making improvements and producing new quality products. Harbour cranes and their tradition are obviously quite useful. Because they have been successful throughout history, it is evident that they are a key element of the shipping industry.

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