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Self Erecting Tower Crane Hire

Self-erecting tower cranes are becoming a popular choice among contractors because of their easy set-up and faster lifting ability. These cranes are easy to erect and can be done in about fifteen to twenty minutes which requires only one person to erect and operate. They are equally easy to fold away and this can be done in about eight minutes. These tower cranes can be very useful at the worksite to lift heavy loads. Because the tower cranes work at a faster speed you are able to have more lifts per day letting you get the job done faster.

The self-erecting tower cranes are equipped with a telescopic crane to add to the versatility of the crane. They are able to be controlled and operated via remote control with added greater and safer control of the crane. The tower cranes are generally stable even with high vehicle movements and high wind speeds which make them safer, reducing the chance of accidents. The safety, durability, speed and versatility of these cranes is what makes them so popular. Many companies opt to use a self-erecting tower crane hire service to provide their business with many benefits of the crane.

Benefit of Self-Erecting Tower Crane Hire

Self-erecting tower cranes provide many benefits to businesses that choose to purchase them or use a self-erecting tower crane hire. These types of cranes will help your business save money in many areas including fuel expenses, salaries and production costs. They are fuel efficient which will mean lower fuel costs and they are better for the environment. They are easy to set up, fold down and operate and can be done by the use of only one staff person reducing the payroll expense for the project. They have the ability to work at high wind speed so that you will not have to shut down production on the high wind days. They allow more lift to be done each day by operating at a faster speed greatly reducing production costs. As you can see, they are the perfect solution for those businesses who are trying to cut costs. You can further cut costs by using a self-erecting tower crane hire.

Finding a Self-Erecting Tower Crane Hire

When you are looking for a self-erecting tower crane hire to use you should take some things into consideration. You will want to be sure that the hire company you select is accredited and complies with the rules and regulation set forth by the CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association). You will also want to check their reference and see if other businesses are finding success with the hire services. They should be able to provide you with a list of references for you to contact. You will also want to know that they have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in all aspects of cranes. You should select a self-erecting tower crane hire that has an in-house service team that is available 24/7. This will ensure you have steady production and immediate service if there is a problem with the crane.

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