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Crane Services

Cranes can be a very useful tool for certain jobs that other types of construction equipment cannot do. The incredible strength of cranes enables them to lift and move materials or objects that are extremely heavy. This allows construction companies to move, load and unload materials that would be too heavy to lift by other means. The arm of many cranes extends very high into the air and allows for material, even heavy material, to be lifted into elevated locations. This will allow a construction company to lift materials up high, when working on tall structured buildings.

Cranes also serve other purposes like helping moving companies move heavy furniture to upper level apartments or offices. Camera cranes allow videos to be taken from an elevated location to get a better view of the events going on. Truck mounted cranes can help pull vehicles and other objects out of murky water. As you can see the possibilities are vast and there are many different types of cranes that are available to help complete almost any job.

Types of Crane Services

When working with a crane there are many different things that can be added, maintained, serviced and repaired. If you use a crane hire company to provide the crane needed for your job, the servicing of the crane would fall under the hiring company's responsibility. Below is a listing of some of these crane services.
  • Servicing the crane is necessary to keep the crane in good working condition. Most crane services should be provided every month and the crane should be checked each time it returns from hire.
  • Repairing the crane if it were to breakdown during the timeframe you were using the crane in is the crane hire company's responsibility and they should come and repair the crane or replace it with a different one. This is one of the best benefits for using and hiring a crane service so insist upon it being done quickly as it can greatly reduce your downtime.
  • Conversions of parts of the crane would involve upgrading your crane with new technology. This crane servicing would include having a remote control capacity added to your crane and making it more up-to-date.
  • Modification requests for the crane can include things like altering the crane speed or capacity. These specs can be increased but they still must stay under the recommended limitations. This allows you to change these aspects of the crane without the need to purchase a whole new model.
  • Transporting the crane to the job site is a necessary part of crane services because most business will not have the capability of transporting the crane themselves.
  • Storage of the crane is a crane service provided by the crane hire business. Most people and businesses do not have the capacity to store the large and immense cranes.
  • Added crane equipment is another crane service that may be important to you depending on your project's needs. Equipment is added for the protection of the crane users or to enhance the performance of the crane.

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