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Jib Crane Hire

In your warehouse or factory, there may be the need to lift heavy pieces of material and you would like to do this at a safer and faster rate than your employees can do. For these reasons a Jib crane may be the best option because some of them are able to be mounted on to the floor or wall to provide extra support.

If the cost of purchasing a Jib crane is higher than the company's budget, you can receive all of the benefits of having a Jib crane by using a Jib crane hire service. This will allow you to hire the Jib crane on a long-term basis as your company sees fit. Jib cranes are noticeable by their half-T design, which includes a vertical column with a horizontal arm and the crane stems from the arm of the crane. These Jib cranes can either be free standing or attached to the floor or wall of the building. The arm can also be stationary or moveable depending on the crane. These cranes have the ability to lift up to five tonnes depending on the size and type of your Jib crane.

Advantages of Jib Crane Hire

There are many benefits to choosing to use a Jib crane hire instead of purchasing one. Before making your decision you should consider the advantages of both options. Below is a list of advantages of using a Jib crane hire.
  • By using the Jib crane hire services you will not need to purchase the crane in order to receive the benefits from using the crane. By hiring the crane, you will only pay a small fraction of the cost of purchasing a Jib crane.
  • When you use the services of the Jib crane hire, you will not have to provide any storage facility to keep the crane in; this is especially beneficial if you do not have adequate space at your business to store a crane.
  • Your Jib crane hire company will drop the crane off directly at your worksite. This will eliminate your need to purchase the necessary equipment that you would need to be able to transport the crane to and from your worksite.
  • The staff at the Jib crane hire company are experts in using cranes and they will be able to provide you with expert advice on the best crane to use and the plan to complete your project.
  • One of the best benefits of using a crane hire service is that there are a wider variety of Jib cranes for you to choose from, thus allowing you to select the crane that will best fit you needs. If you were to purchase a crane for your business, you would only be able to use that particular crane.
  • If your company does not employ anyone with the necessary qualifications to operate a crane, your Jib crane hire company will provide a crane operator for you to use. This allows any company to use a Jib crane even if they have no experience working with cranes.
  • Most Jib crane hire companies will carry an extensive supply of crane equipment that can be used in combination with your crane hire. This will allow you to have a wider range of things you are able to do with your crane.

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