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Camera Crane Hire

Introduction to Camera Crane Hire

Getting those perfect shots with your camera, especially when taken from an elevated location used to be a task that only the large production companies could afford to do. Today the ability to capture all of these shots is available to everyone by the use of a camera crane. The camera crane lets you get those shots that need to be taken from above or in hard to reach locations. There is no need to pay the costs to purchase a camera crane because you can easily use the services of a camera crane hire, which will allow you the same ability to get the best shot at an affordable rate.

Camera cranes have been a staple in the video camera industry for many years but through camera crane hire, they have become readily available for anyone to use. You do not need to be a professional production company or even a company to have the need for a camera crane hire. There are so many uses of a camera crane including filming your wedding ceremony or creating a music video. YouTube videos or corporate presentations also make the use of a camera crane a great choice for individuals and companies alike.

What are Camera Cranes?

Camera cranes are made in a similar fashion to other cranes, with the major difference being that at the end of the arm of the crane is a video camera. The crane will allow the operator to move the camera vertically and horizontally so that you are able to get the perfect shot almost anywhere. The camera crane will also allow the camera to be rotated 360 degrees so your filming can cover a larger area. There is also the advantage of using zoom and focus on the camera to allow for close-up shots to be taken.

They come with a remote control or control panel that gives you easy access to position the camera anywhere you want it to go. The remote control or control panel will allow for you to have the camera do everything that you would be able to do if you were holding it yourself. The cranes also have wheels on them which let you easily move the crane around so that it can move with you as your video needs move and change.

Using a Camera Crane

Choosing to use a camera crane hire is the perfect solution for anybody because it gives you all the benefits of using the camera crane without the headache of maintaining it. By using a camera crane hire you eliminate the need to store and transport the crane which can be both difficult and expensive. Most camera crane hire companies allow you to use your own camera as long as it meets the weight limitations or they have cameras available for you to hire as well.

Your camera crane hire company will deliver your crane and if needed, they will provide an operator for you who is trained in both crane operations and video production. After delivery the crane is easily assembled in about ten to fifteen minutes and immediately ready to use. You should meet with your camera crane hire company before your special event, so that you can determine your needs and understand any limitations of the camera crane you are going to use.

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