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Weldex Crane Hire

Weldex Crane Hire is one of the most well known and largest craning hiring companies in the UK today. The company has a well established history and have proven that they are reliable and trustworthy. They also make sure that their customers are always satisfied with the service that they receive. Weldex Crane Hire has been in business since 1979 and is currently the UKís biggest crane hiring company in existence.

Weldex Crane Hire - Safe and Skilled Operators

When it comes to hiring someone to man a crane for you or your company, you need to know that they are trustworthy, reliable and trained properly. In order for you to make sure that you get the highest level of skill you need to make sure that you find a good company that hires and trains their employees. When you choose Weldex crane hire you can be sure to get an operator who is fully trained. You can also be sure of fully trained service engineers who know the ins and outs of each specific crane you decide to hire. Weldex crane hire makes sure that all their operators and staff members meet the CPCS/CSCS personal qualifications.

Cranes Arenít the Only Thing Available at Weldex Crane Hire

If you find that you are in need of any other specialty equipment there is a good chance that Weldex crane hire can help you with that as well. Not only do they offer cranes but they also offer forklifts, trailers, and lorry loaders if you find that you have projects that need special attention or equipment. You can be comfortable with the fact that you will be getting the same quality and the same skilled professionals as you will with your crane hire.

The Latest Technology

No matter what you find that you are in need of, you can count on the fact that Weldex crane hire will make sure that you get the latest technology and the latest equipment available. Weldex has a very large fleet of cranes and other equipment that is designed and researched to make sure that the clients get the most up to date equipment to suit their specific need. Not only that but Weldex has made sure that their new plant is eco friendly and focuses on renewable energy. This helps to make sure that their cranes and operators are good options for wind farm developers whether they are located onshore or offshore.

Not matter what you need in terms of equipment for your project, Weldex crane hire can help to make sure that your project gets done. As an added bonus you can be sure that every project will be completed in a safe and time efficient manner. Weldex takes all the time that is needed to ensure the safety of their staff and the safety of your job, making the job easier on you. So if you find that you need a crane hire company, why not look to the largest and one of the oldest companies in the UK?

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