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Michael Long Crane Hire

Michael Long Haulage is recognised as one of the leaders in providing haulage services to companies and individuals across the Republic of Ireland. Their business also includes selling and hiring containers, working on site offices, installation of security vaults, and moving materials for local builders. As a long-established provider in the field, it should not come as a surprise that the company was able to win the 'Best Heavy Haulage’ Award at the 2004 Irish Commercial Truck Show. However, this is not the only piece of good news that current and prospective Michael Long clients should learn. Good news to everyone who needs crane hire services: this trusted company now operates Michael Long crane hire.

Diversity as a Strategy

The construction and infrastructure sector makes up the largest percentage of Michael Long crane hire customers. Aside from needing cranes for their high-rise building projects and utility works such as bridges, these clients also find it convenient that their Michael Long crane hire provider also offers other services that they could use. Take for instance the installation and container services that they offer. This goes to show that any crane hire company has a better advantage if they offer more services that prospective clients might also find useful. However, Michael Long crane hire isn’t choosy enough to work with only large firms. Any client, big or small, will surely be entertained and taken care of by this reliable crane hire company. Michael Long Crane Hire Safety Standards

Aside from offering the latest in crane equipment, most companies and individuals trust Michael Long crane hire because of its established reputation of keeping safety and following operational crane standards and procedures. No operator working for Michael Long works without a permit or certification. Thus, many customers feel relieved with the fact that they will not face accident risks with their chosen provider.

The Best 'Movers’

Michael Long crane hire believes that it is the best company to handle site relocations in the Galway area and other neighbouring communities. Aside from offering the latest cranes, they also have trucks outfitted with cranes that are especially made for relocation purposes. Known to be a provider that utilises the latest in crane safety technology, you are sure to have a flawless site relocation experience if you seek the services of this company. For special relocation projects, you can easily phone the company to ask if they have the equipment to do what you want them to do.

A Promise of Quality from Michael Long Crane Hire

Michael Long Haulage would not exist this long if there weren’t any customers who believe in the quality of service that this company provides. If you are a potential client who is currently seeking a crane hire provider for a long term, it would be very advantageous for you to work with a long-established group in the field. Do not hesitate to set up an appointment with the company to discuss your needs. Michael Long Haulage and crane hire is known to be very accommodating to its potential clients, and you will surely experience the same 'welcome’ too.

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