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NMT Crane Hire Ltd was founded in 1976 by three members of the same family, Nick, Mark and Tim Ambridge (NMT). The initial concept of the company was to provide recovery services in Bedford however all three brothers developed an interest in using cranes and NMT Crane Hire began. Mark maintains the Managing Director role with a professional engineering background while brother Nick is the organisations 3D CAD drawing specialist creating animated movement and angle projections to enhance the accuracy of method statements and cost calculations. Tim Ambridge is the Technical Director responsible for the sales and customer service team and has fostered business relationships with the television and film industry under consultation to Global Film Supplies.

Today NMT Crane Hire Ltd. offers over thirty years of professional experience in crane operation and installation, as well as lift project planning. Investing over 10 million in the last three years the organisation has grown with an impressive fleet of multiple purposed cranes and all terrain lifting and recovering equipment serving utility, major construction, aerospace and other notable organisations.

NMT Crane Hire Fleet and Services

NMT Crane Hire offers services providing a full spectrum of equipment for virtually every lift or recovery need. Small mobile telescopic cranes are available from the 10 tonne Kato City crane to the impressive Terex 1000 tonne lift. They also provide telescopic fork lifts, scissor lifts and articulating access platforms in addition to all supporting equipment such as barrier fencing, safety equipment and qualified trained personnel.

Heavy haulage services are available from NMT Crane Hire operating throughout Great Britain and in the local areas of Bedford, Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire. The heavy haulage can move barges and large equipment with trailers that can haul a capacity of up to 100 tonnes in weight. Tower cranes and Lorry Loader vehicles are available with ten to fifty tonne trailers. NMT Crane Hire is capable of handling all jobs large or small with professional expertise.

NMT Crane Hire Locations and Customer Service

NMT Crane Hire Ltd is located in Bedford, UK. The subsidiary to NMT Crane Hire Ltd under the direction of Tim Ambridge "Global Film Supplies" is located in Buckinghamshire, UK. The organisation also offers annual CPC training for LGV drivers and Driver CPC accredited courses for individuals interested in entering the trade.

Insurance Issues with NMT Crane Hire

NMT Crane Hire Ltd. provides a full list of their CPA conditions and terms of contract and liability on their website. One of the conditions to be aware of is article 25 which states that idle time that is due to inclement weather will be charged at two thirds of the hire rate. However if the "plant" is in operation during any period of a declared idle time the full rate of the hire will be charged for the entire period.

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