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John Sutch Crane Hire

John Sutch Crane Hire is a family-run company located in North West England. The company specializes in lifting machinery hire for all primary applications used in the construction and civil engineering fields, and its depots are based in Manchester and Liverpool.

Experience of John Sutch Crane Hire

John Sutch Crane Hire was established in 1990, thus the company has over twenty years’ experience in the industry. Their highly experienced and competent staff work in the interest of the company’s customers on a 24/7 basis. John Sutch Cranes Ltd is one of the most popular lift operators in the UK, offering quality services no matter which crane hire option their clients may choose- either the crane hire or the contract lifting package.

Many of the company’s employees have a wide experience in the construction industry or in the field of civil and mechanical engineering and each and every one of them is trained according to high standards of safety based on the CITB/CPA guidelines, as well as according to the HSE regulations.

Health and Safety Precautions

In this industry it is essential to embrace all regulations and standards regarding the protection of health and guaranteed safety. This is why the company is bound to perform an excellent service whilst operating within the parameters of current legislations. John Sutch Cranes Ltd is a member of both CPA and CITB, thus its representatives are always updated with the latest safety procedures.

John Sutch Crane Hire Services

A customer looking to hire lifting machinery from John Sutch Cranes Ltd has to have an adequately qualified appointed person to perform appropriate site supervision during the lift procedures. In this case, the company’s role is to supply the proper cranes for the job and the staff to work under the client’s instructions on his own site and with his own employees.

These regulations are stated in the CPA Model Conditions regarding the hiring of plant. If the customer does not have an appointed person to take responsibility of the lift operations and to carry out all the necessary planning, then he must choose to hire a crane according to the contract lift so that the operation can meet the standards required by LOLER. In the case of this crane hire option, the client will receive from the company all the necessary support team members and the services needed to conduct an adequate site survey, documentation and supervision of the procedures involving the machinery hired from John Sutch Cranes Ltd.

Equipment Available at John Sutch Crane Hire

Many job requirements can be met by resorting to John Sutch Crane Hire since the company offers an extensive fleet of machines maintained to superior standards. The company can provide various types of cranes from city cranes to heavier machines required for larger and more demanding lifts, the latter category including the folding tower cranes. John Sutch Crane Hire operates according to a specific renewal policy suggesting that all equipment provided embraces the latest technological improvements. Thus, whether the customers are in need of city cranes, all terrain cranes, crawler cranes, heavy cranes or mobile tower cranes, all these machines are available for hire at the company’s depots.

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