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Ladybird Crane Hire

Ladybird Crane Hire is a UK-based company specialising in pedestrian operated self-erecting tower cranes and city cranes. Their equipment consists of radio controlled lifting machines with jib lengths ranging from 20 m to 52m. The fact that they own over 75 pedestrian operated cranes makes them the leader in independently-run companies of self-erecting cranes in the UK.

What makes the company special in comparison with other crane hire providers is that the latter own only a few traditional operated cranes whilst Ladybird Crane Hire consists of over 70 recently introduced self-erecting and tower cranes which can be delivered to sites all over UK. The company also employs engineers to serve the needs of customers living in Birmingham, Leeds, the South West and London areas.

The company has been operating since 2003, building a high reputation due to their efficient products and excellent customer service. The advantage of using their cranes is that these lifting machines are all less than five years old and are still covered by a warranty. Thus resorting to Ladybird Crane Hire suggests that customers will enjoy only recent crane machinery. In addition, the company is a certified CPA member operating according to the terms and conditions of this plant hire association.

Self-Erecting Tower Cranes

Many customers seek crane hire companies to acquire typical cranes without knowing the cost saving opportunities provided through hiring a pedestrian operated crane. The company’s self-erecting tower cranes are a new type of jib crane, and are recommended as ways to improve the productivity on small to medium builds. These kinds of cost effective cranes can successfully fill in the gap between telescopic cranes and large tower lifting machinery.

Another reason why these cranes are so popular is that they can fold away; they’re quieter during lifting operations and can help reduce the risk of accidents on site during vehicle movements. Perhaps the best advantage of self-erecting tower cranes is that they are easy to use by manipulating a remote control from ground level. However, those who need to use pedestrian operated cranes need to do some training first which the Ladybird Crane Hire Company can provide as a site specific course. These cranes can also unfold and fold away in minutes so they’re very easy to install, not to mention the fact that they have low power consumption.

City/Tower Cranes

Retaining the same great benefits of the previous self-erecting models, city/tower cranes have the added advantage of having a greater lifting capacity. The company’s city class cranes have extended jib lengths and mass heights when compared with self-erecting tower cranes. Also, unlike traditional tower cranes, the city/tower lifting equipment can fit inside lift shafts. Customers can have the city cranes erected and fully operational within a couple of days.

Ladybird Crane Hire Accessories

Besides cranes, at Ladybird Crane Hire clients may find a range of crane compatible lifting equipment which can be either bought or hired. These items include block grabs, brick forks, circular tipping muck skips, tipping skips, self-discharging boat skips and mortar trays.

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