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Meade Crane Hire was originally established in 1953 as Irish Tan & Pipeline by its founder and proprietor Paddy Meade. It later became Meade Plant Ltd in 1975 and was responsible for the erection of the Papal Cross in Phoenix Park, Dublin which was a very prestigious and noteworthy project awarded to Meade Crane Hire. At the time the organisation owned the tallest crane available in the country of Ireland and were fortunately able to complete the task to specifications.

In 1995 the family successor Fergus Meade left Ireland for Australia and worked exclusively with Lindores Cranes & Rigging finally returning in 1996 with new insight and knowledge to create Meade Crane Hire which has become one of the largest suppliers of mobile cranes in Ireland. The family owned enterprise maintains its dedication to customer service and core values and prides itself on fostering long term business relationships with its valued customers.

Meade Crane Hire Fleet and Services

Meade Crane Hire states a dedication to investment in the most modern and technologically advanced equipment to add to its fleet and customer services. The organisation provides contract lifting services under CPA standards providing all necessary personnel for each project including operator and crane supervisors, accepting full liability for the planning and supervising of the lift.

The engineering division in Meade Crane Hire is managed directly by Fergus Meade. By utilising its sister company Sean Meade & Sons (licensed haulers), Meade Crane Hire is able to efficiently move and install lift equipment.

Equipment includes a TC25 Mobility Tower Crane which is a small mobile crane featuring a 19 meter under hook height and 25 meter jib). This is ideal for smaller residential projects or where space is limited. Another frequently used crane is the compact 70 tonne "City" Terex Ac70 which features an overall vehicle length of only 9.96 meters. Extended boom is to a maximum tip height of 67 meters for this urban environment crane. Meade Crane Hire also feature the 250 tonne capacity Terex AC250-1 mobile telescopic crane which has the longest main boom in the equipment category at 80 meters extension.

Meade Crane Hire Locations and Customer Service

Meade Crane Hire engages in all levels of customer service to ensure the safety and satisfaction of its customers serving Ireland since 1996. They offer a site inspection service and trained certified personnel for their contract customers. The organisation notes a dedication to ensuring safety and cost effectiveness in all their commercial projects.

Insurance Issues with Meade Crane Hire

No insurance terms or liability information are made available, however clients are asked to contact Meade Crane Hire directly for a review of their insurance coverage as well as health and safety protocols.

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