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Fairview Crane Hire

Fairview Crane Hire is a popular company established in 1988 that offers a wide range of truck-mounted, all-terrain and city class cranes available from their depot in Essex. The company has specialised in mobile crane hire and can provide heavy machinery with up to 1200 tonnes in capacity. Their operators are adequately trained to meet the high standards of the industry, and the rest of their staff strives to provide helpful advice to all potential customers with specific requirements. The company’s representatives can offer practical and useful information on crane size and application, and can also perform site visits so that even the most challenging projects can be carried out in an adequate, safe and professional manner.

The staff at Fairview Crane Hire are well recognised as to where superior qualifications and knowledge are concerned so that customers can put all their confidence in the quality of their crane hire services.

Equipment and Crane Hire Options

Construction business owners and private individuals alike can turn to Fairview Crane Hire no matter what their heavy lifting needs may be. The company can provide numerous machines whose descriptions can be found on the Fairview Crane Hire Ltd website. Under the "our equipment" section, the company includes graphics and technical details in the form of PDF documents for each type of crane owned and available for hire. This way, customers can learn everything there is to know before deciding which crane is more adequate for the task that is to be performed.

Those interested in hiring one or several of the company’s cranes should note that Fairview Crane Hire operates based on the terms and conditions required by CPA, as well as in accordance with BS7121. The crane hire options provided by Fairview Crane Hire include CPA crane hire and CPA contract lift agreements.

The first option states that the company can provide a lifting machine only if the client can rely on a trained professional to plan, manage and take responsibility for the lifting operations. This is part of the company’s compliance to the Health and Safety Executive guidelines. The second crane hire option is most suitable for inexperienced customers who lack the necessary knowledge of the responsibilities, obligations and risks associated with operating machines belonging to a high risk industry. The CPA contract lift accentuates the company’s duty to plan and execute the lifting procedures for the peace of mind of their clients.

Fairview Crane Hire Health and Safety Issues

The company’s safety policies are focused on ensuring the health and security of all individuals directly or indirectly involved in the company’s crane hire activities. As any crane hire service provider should, the company operates according to the "safety first" policy, prompting all employees to ensure their own safety and that of their colleagues, an essential principle of today’s successful crane hire businesses.

Fairview Crane Hire operates in partnership with Fairview Lifting Gear Services, a provider whose team of professionals are adequately trained to deal with customers’ lifting equipment requirements. The company’s branches stretch across the UK, supplying lifting gear to clients living in all parts of the country.

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