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Liebherr Crane Hire

The Liebherr Group began in 1949 with Hans Leibherr leading the company on its way to becoming one of the top leading crane designers and manufacturers in the industry. The business has grown immensely and they are now on their second generation owners. This company takes the lead in developing new lifting technology to advance the abilities of their cranes and they understand the needs of those who are using the cranes. They work hard to design cranes that will be easier to use, have greater lifting capabilities and be cost-effective for businesses, whether they choose to purchase one or use a Leibherr crane hire service.

Liebherr Construction Cranes

The Liebherr group has such a versatile number of construction cranes available for Liebherr crane hire. Their many years of experience in the industry make them a leader in crane design. They have construction cranes available in all different sizes and lifting capacities, there is certainly an appropriate crane for every construction need. The company uses the latest technology to develop new and better construction cranes for purchase and hire. Many contractors look for the Liebherr name when making the choice of which crane to use.

Liebherr Maritime Cranes

The Liebherr group offers a wide range of maritime cranes that are used to help ships load and unload the shipment with ease. They offer various sizes of on board cranes that allow for easy loading onto and off of the ship and there are also cranes that allow the ship to rearrange, stack, sort or move on board shipments. These materials that are crossed over the seas can be extremely heavy, so exceptionally made cranes are needed to provide the adequate lifting abilities. This group also offers inland cranes that can be used to move the shipment and organise it after the boat has already removed it. There is also a wide range of floating cranes that are used in the water for bulk handling. All of these cranes are available from Liebherr Crane Hire.

Liebherr Crane Hire

All of the Leibherr crane products are available for purchase or for Leibherr crane hire. Each business can make the decision about which option is best for their business. Usually if the company find that they are in need of the crane on a daily basis their best option would be to purchase a crane for the business use. This way it will be readily available to them whenever they need it. The companies that only use the crane for certain timeframes or for certain projects or those companies whose budget does not allow for the purchase of a crane should consider using the Liebherr crane hire services.

The Liebherr crane hire will allow you to reap all the benefits of using the crane without the extra expense of owning one. It is best to see a Liebherr specialist who can help you decide what options might be best for your specific needs. Once you have gathered all of the necessary information you will be able to make a better choice.

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