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J.P. Crane Hire Ltd was created in 1982 when its proprietor John Parkhill started in the industry by repairing and servicing mobile cranes. The chief founder served his industrial apprenticeship with well-known industry professionals such as JCB and followed by working for Katio as a specialised crane fitter shortly afterwards. The organisation was officially created in 2006 to provide crane lift services, heavy haulage, and used equipment sales. John Parkhill is dedicated to providing quality equipment and top notch customer service, training and aftermarket sales to the industry.

J.P. Crane Hire - Fleet and Services

The current fleet offered at J.P. Crane Hire includes mobile cranes, crawlers, mini excavators and lorry loader trucks. J.P. Crane Hire offers mobile crane hire for weights up to thirty tonnes which is available for light lifting tasks, crawler crane hire (which is suitable for all terrains and difficult to reach areas or uneven ground) up to eighty tonnes is available for use as well as lorry loaders up to a length of 32 meters. In addition they offer container and heavy haulage. For the convenience of its contract partners, J.P. Crane Hire offers service on a twenty four hour per day seven days per week basis. J.P. Crane Hire’s ability to respond efficiently to the needs of their customers have made it a trusted contract partner within the trade.

For private fleets and personnel, J.P. Crane Hire Ltd. offers twelve month tests and examinations. The four year test and examinations are also available as well as onsite rigging, de-rigging cranes, general service and maintenance repairs. Professional level sales and service of used cranes is also provided by J.P. Crane Hire Ltd. including customer aftermarket support for cranes, mini excavators and loader trucks.

J.P. Crane Hire Locations and Customer Service

J.P. Crane Hire Ltd is the single source for mobile crane and crawler operatives in the West of the United Kingdom serving the Midlands, Cornwall, and Wales. Both proprietors and the organisation are highly committed to providing excellent customer service and satisfaction and enjoy a solid reputation within the construction contracting industry. They also enjoy ongoing relationships with their industrial partners as well as quality references.

Insurance Issues with J.P. Crane Hire

J.P. Crane Hire Ltd is a proud member of the CPA. The compliance to the safety standards of the CPA ensures that all of J.P. Crane Hire’s customers receive high quality service with adherence to utmost safety measures. The CPA Hiring Agreement is used to evaluate industry standard insurance, liability requirements, risk assessments and safety and can be relied upon for quality performance and service.

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