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Ainscough Crane Hire has a complete range of industrial cranes that are available for hire. Choosing the type of cranes that are required for any project can a difficult process in itself.

If you are hiring a crane for the first time, you will find that the process is much more complicated than it originally appeared. As can be expected from any big industrial machinery piece, there are also complicated health and safety procedures that need to be complied with as well.

When hiring cranes, clients need to decide whether they want to use their own people in the operation as well as supplying the operator of the crane hire company such as Ainscough Crane Hire with details of the job in hand, as well as on site safety procedures that will be endeared to before lifting actually begins.

Hiring cranes always comes with some sort of risk. The cost of modern mobile cranes can range wildly in price, right up into six figures, and the financial consequences that can transpire if an accident occurred can be enormous.

If you want to hire a crane, you may need to satisfy the company that you have enough insurance to cover several risks, including: damage or loss to cranes while hired; continuing the charges of hire while the crane goes under repair; operator injuries; injuries to other people; damages to other people's properties.

Most crane hire companies, Ainscough Crane Hire included, can, for example, arrange cover for damage or loss to cranes while hired out as well as a whole range of other insurance options to cover any eventuality.

During contract lifts, crane hire companies will choose the proper crane that is required for the specific job, while also assessing any risks that may be associated with the job in hand at the same time. Some even help arrange traffic management along any proposed route to the site of construction. Clients that do not have enough knowledge and experience when it comes to crane operations normally choose to place their orders on a contract lift basis.

When it comes to contact lifts, clients would still normally have the responsibility of ascertaining accurate information in relation to such things as the ground conditions or the items that need lifting. Clients usually need to cover their own public liability insurance.

Ainscough Crane Hire provides crane lift services, and these can help clients in a range of things such as responsibility in preparing method statements, risk assessments, berthing studies, lift diagrams, and lifting operation management and supervision. Ainscough Crane Hire, as well as most crane hire companies, take their work very seriously as can be expected and thanks to the expert and complete personalised packages offered, and their experienced and trained staff, the entire process of lifting from the first concept to final lift supervision is managed adequately.

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