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James Jack Crane Hire

James Jack Lifting is a Scottish crane hire company that has been bought by Ainscough Crane Hire, the UK’s largest provider of heavy cranes. The company started operating in 1970, and offers crane hire, general and heavy haulage, stevedoring services, as well as specialist services to the oil and gas Industry. Its depots are located in Aberdeen, Dundee and Invergordon, making them an ideal choice for customers living in Scotland.

The company’s staff are specialists in cargo, warehousing and special transport services and along with the Ainscough team they provide a wide range of high quality support services and machinery to meet the requirements of customers across the United Kingdom.

James Jack Crane Hire Fleet

The Ainscough / James Jack fleet consists of both general and heavy cranes. General cranes include city, industrial, all terrain and truck mount cranes that can carry loads of up to 250 tonnes. The company also operates the largest equipment of heavy cranes in the country, including mobile cranes of up to 1000 tonnes and crawlers ranging in capacity from 300 tonnes up to 1,250 tonnes. The company’s heavy crane division is located at Leyland in Lancashire and at Hayes in West London, providing sufficient coverage to serve plenty of customers who require heavy equipment for demanding lifts.

The cranes supplied by the James Jack Crane Hire/Ainscough Crane Hire duo are highly demanded by those working in the rail industry and are often hired for carrying out projects such as bridge construction and demolition, track renewal and more. The company also offers cranes for hire to all major refineries in the UK conducting projects belonging to the energy and petrochemical sectors. The Ainscough/James Jack Fleet is also hired for serving in turnkey projects, and their specialists can provide transport services, traffic management and road closures, as well as taking care of machinery shipping and installation.

James Jack Crane Hire and Contract Lift

The James Jack crane hire company operates in accordance with the Construction Plant Hire Association or CPA, as well as based on the terms and conditions specified in "The Safe Use of Cranes" or BS7121. Like any crane hire company that is also a CPA member, James Jack Lifting Services offer two options of crane hire: CPA Crane Hire or CPA Contract Lift.

Ainscough Crane Hire

The company that bought James Jack Crane Hire is the largest in the UK in terms of lifting services. The company owns 30 crane hire depots consisting of over 500 cranes, these machines ranging in capacity from 10 tonnes to a giant lifting force of 1,250 tonnes. Their depots can be used to cover the crane necessities of clients living in England, Scotland and Wales, specifically from Bristol in the South West of England, to Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland. Thanks to the acquiring of James Jack Lifting Services, the company gained three additional depots located in Aberdeen, Dundee and Invergordon, and can now attend to the needs of many Scottish customers who require cranes for various lifting and construction purposes.

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