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Peterborough Crane Hire

Peterborough Crane Hire is located in Peterborough, seventy-five miles north of London and they provide a large range of cranes that are available for hire. They are an accredited contractor with a staff who is very experienced in all aspect of crane use. They work hard to provide their customers with the highest quality of service and their team can provide you with expert advice on all of your lifting questions and problems. If you are in need of the use of a crane to help your business complete a project, a call to Peterborough Crane Hire is an excellent first step to help you set up a plan of action.

Peterborough Crane Hire will send a very knowledgeable technician to your worksite to assess the job to be completed. After careful evaluation, the technician will be able to provide you with advice on how to proceed and which type of crane will work best to handle your job. They will help you develop a plan of action, including a computer generated berthing plan that will help devise the best lifting plan for your job.

All of their workers are trained and experienced in working with all aspects of cranes and understand their lifting abilities and limitations. Peterborough Crane Hire holds all necessary CSCS Health and Safety certifications and every crane operator holds the required CPCS certification. They work to provide complete crane services to your business and to offer you an efficient, cost-efficient method to meet all of your project’s needs. Knowing how important time is to all worksites, they have an in-house service team, who can come immediately to check the crane if you have experienced a problem.

About Peterborough Crane Hire

Peterborough Crane Hire works in accordance with all of the CPA’s terms and condition including the BS7121, which details measures to take for the safe use of cranes. They will deliver the crane you hire right to your worksite to eliminate your need to transport such a large machine. Under the CPA regulations, Peterborough Crane Hire offers two types of agreements that can be set up to hire a crane including CPA crane hire or CPA contract lift.

With Peterborough Crane Hire’s CPA crane hire agreement, the client hires the crane only. This means that the client takes total responsibility for the use and operation of the crane that is being hired. If you choose this method of hiring, you will need to select a qualified employee who can take the role of the appointed person. The appointed person is responsible for all of the planning, operating and personnel involved in the use of the crane. You will also be required to have full insurance coverage that will include any damage done to the crane, the material being lifting or to any third party’s property.

Under the Peterborough Crane Hire’s CPA contract lift, the hire company takes the full responsibility for the crane, its operations and the personnel involved. This contract relieves the customer from most legal responsibilities for any damages that occur. The customer is responsible to give all necessary information about the lifting material and ground conditions to the hire company in a clear and accurate manner. The customer can be liable for any misinformation that is given to the hire company.

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