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McGovern Crane Hire

This organisation was founded in 1995 and is centrally located in England. McGovern Crane Hire offers services twenty four hours per day and seven days per week. The company was founded by Tomas McGovern and the organisation is a family owned business with strong ties to the community in Nottingham in the East Midlands.

McGovern Crane Hire Fleet and Services

E.J. McGovern Crane Hire was the first crane hire organisation to invest in Spierings Folding Cranes in the Midlands area. The benefit of the specialised Spierings Folding Crane is that they offer both lift and telescopic extended reach which is more efficient than traditional tower crane models and far more versatile. The set up time of this unique style of crane is literally fifteen (15) minutes and the navigation of the Spierings Folding Crane is easier thus reducing job time and cost economy. With a quiet operation design and equipped floodlights the Spierings Crane can be used at night in urban areas without noise disruption which is a benefit to time sensitive residential or urban projects. Its narrow design is suited to the compact urban roadways of England.

E.J. McGovern Crane Hire offers more than one dozen different units including city cranes and mobile units for virtually any lifting or hauling project. They also offer convenient telehandlers with telescopic booms that range from 9-17 meters in lift height. These units are ideal for lighter lifting at moderate heights and long term rental and onsite service of the telehandlers is available. Riggerloading services are also supplied (including riggerloading mats) as well as plant lorries.

The option to hire the crane with a qualified E.J. McGovern Crane Hire operator is available allowing the client flexibility to supervise and direct the work on a hands-on basis. Detailed contract tasks can also be outlined and completed without the clients’ supervision independently as required utilising the planning services, project management and qualified personnel of McGovern Crane Hire.

McGovern Crane Hire Locations and Customer Service

E.J. McGovern Crane Hire offers comprehensive customer service providing a free job site inspection prior to project commencement. They also offer professional job planning by CPCS personnel providing risk assessments and safety planning. The organisation can also provide assistance with road closures and traffic management in cooperation with the local governance.

Insurance Issues with E.J. McGovern Crane Hire

While the organisation does not provide detailed information regarding its liability insurance and policies for contract work, it does state that safe operation and customer service are highly regarded. For more information regarding the liability coverage for projects by McGovern Crane Hire please contact the organization directly to inquire.

E.J. McGovern Crane Hire is an ISO9001 Certified organization adhering to both UK and European safety standards and legislation.

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