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Marsden Crane Hire

Marsden Crane Hire Ltd. was established in 1981, and since then has been provided lifting services in the North West area of the UK. The company owns and operates a fleet of modern cranes ranging in capacity from 8 tonnes to 200 tonnes therefore Marsden Crane Hire is focused on maintaining adequate safety precautions and measures during lifting operations. The company provides its services according to the CPA Model Conditions, thus the health and safety of all persons directly and indirectly involved in lifting operations is always a primary consideration.

Customers interested in making use of the company’s crane hire services need to choose between crane hire and contract lifting.

Crane Hire

The clients who meet the necessary requirements regarding the qualifications and experience requested by CPA can use the company’s mobile cranes with a capacity up to 200 tonnes. Based on the CPA’s rules and regulations concerning plant hire, Marsden’s customers need to provide a risk assessment and a method statement for both the machinery used and the operators performing their duties on the client’s site. Other responsibilities held by the customer include providing insurance for the cranes, their operators and the general public for as long as the lifting procedures last.

Contract Lifting

Contract lifting is regarded as the safest way to perform a lifting procedure as the wide experience of the company can aid customers with planning, supervising and managing the operations that are to be conducted on site. In addition, the company’s role is to supply the necessary qualified personnel to perform the lifting operations and to deal with the risk assessment and method statement phases as requested in the health and safety requirements as well as BS7121. The services that the company’s employees should provide include selecting the proper crane and lifting equipment, performing a berthing study, as well as supervising all stages of the lifting procedures. Marsden Crane Hire offers public and employer liability insurance whose details are available on the company’s website.

Marsden Crane Hire’s Area of Operation

The company usually operates within areas that stretch from the Scottish border to Cheshire and from north Staffordshire down the West side of UK. However, exceptions may apply as the company’s personnel are known to extend their services to further areas where the company’s major customers are frequently in need of the company’s expertise and knowledge of the lifting industry.

Marsden Crane Hire Cranes

The company’s minimum hire period is a day, yet there may be specific circumstances in which the customer can hire cranes for shorter periods. The cranes available can be divided into three basic categories: all terrain, truck mounted and specialist cranes. At Marsden Crane Hire, customers can acquire cranes with a capacity ranging from 8 tonnes to 200 tonnes. If a client needs an even heavier crane for demanding lifting operations, the company can check with its suppliers to provide the customer with machinery exceeding 200 tonnes in capacity. Aside from general lifting equipment, the company can also provide lorry loading cranes whose capacity can reach 53 tonnes.

Marsden Crane Hire Training

For those in need of training in various crane and construction related disciplines, Marsden Crane Hire can provide training courses that meet the industry recognised standards. The training is available either at the company’s training school or at the client’s site.

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Crane Hire

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