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Crane Hire in Scotland

Scotland is a very good place to start a crane hire business because the industries of infrastructure, trade and manufacturing are booming. Crane hire in Scotland would thrive very much by seeking construction companies who may need crane services for their high-rise and utilities projects. Ports where freights of imported and exported goods need cranes to load goods on and off ships and large-scale manufacturers need cranes to haul large and heavy assembly pieces. In short, there are vast opportunities for businesses choosing crane hire in Scotland. Here are a few tips on how your business of crane hire in Scotland can easily find long-term clients in these large industries.


One of the best ways to keep your crane hire in Scotland flourishing is to find construction companies who would like to utilise your services for their projects. Cranes are needed to construct high-rise buildings. Since multi-storey commercial and residential structures are growing like mushrooms in Scotland, it would be pretty easy to find companies who may find your services helpful. You may also find utility companies that build towers, bridges, and light houses. These projects also need cranes and you will surely find it easy to secure sub-contract crane hire jobs. The best time to find construction companies that may use your crane hire services is during the summer and autumn months, as construction projects are always in full swing during these times.

Trade Industry

Crane hire in Scotland may also easily thrive with the trade industry by finding companies that handle freights for import or export. All you have to do is go to the major Scottish ports and look for companies that may want your services. Although competition is stiff, it is pretty easy to find crane hire contract work by focusing on small-time logistics providers instead of aiming for large freight services, as these large companies will more likely purchase their own cranes rather than rent. Small-scale freight business will be more interested in renting than purchasing cranes, as it is more cost-efficient for them.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

The third most profitable niche where crane hire in Scotland can thrive is by focusing on large-scale manufacturing firms. Shipyards, automobile companies, and other heavy machineries all depend on using cranes in their production lines. Without cranes, it is pretty impossible to manufacture large products in a cost and time-efficient manner. Although many companies may prefer buying their own cranes for production use, cost-cutting measures often lead present-day manufacturing companies to hire cranes instead as it makes them no longer concerned with repair, maintenance and other expenses related to keeping such heavy equipment.

Tricks of the Trade

To find a lot of clients, you need to be willing to market and promote your business. Scotland is filled with crane hire competition and you might want to stand out from the crowd. Focusing on marketing your service online is the most efficient since most prospective clients search for their providers online. Also, donít forget to keep whatever you promised to your client. This will be the only way for you to keep them for long-term work.

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