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Crane Hire in London

Where ever you look in London there are cranes. It seems as if the city will never be complete. As soon as one major project is finished another one starts and the skyline grows and grows. The amount of work is immense and as buildings are getting higher it is necessary to use cranes. Crane hire in London is big business.

As they are expensive and by that we mean it would take a major investment to buy one; and as there are many different types the job that is about to start may need a different type to the one purchased, it is becoming more and more popular to hire.

Crane Hire Companies in London

City lifting in London can be the answer to the prayers of many contractors as they do not sell cranes but hire them. As they are based inside the M25 they are close at hand and days will not be lost waiting to transport the necessary machine from one part of the country to the other. Crane hire in London could not be easier.

This company deals in well-known brands and not cheap copies of the good models. They have a selection of tower cranes, mini cranes and mobile cranes. If you are looking to hire a crane it will be best to make sure you know what your obligations are. It will be no good looking to the hirer after an accident if the responsibility was yours.

Health and Safety with Crane Hire in London

Health and safety will always be important and all companies offering crane hire in London will be aware of their responsibilities. There should also be plenty of information on their web sites to explain their health and safety contracts. Most will be happy to train future users to make sure they are fit to go behind the wheel. Add to this the continual maintenance and environmental awareness that should be part of all the companiesí ethos and the work should run smoothly.

Due to the narrowness of the roads in parts of London, fortunately most crane hire companies in London offer cranes that are long and narrow allowing them to fit in a small space but reach up towards the upper floors off tower blocks.

Although many people think that learning to drive a crane will not take a lot of time the Health and Safety regulations are very strict and no reputable company offering crane hire in London will let an unqualified worker drive one. There are two ways to hire and the only way a crane can be hired on a CPA crane hire basis is if they are able to prove they already have a fully qualified employee to take responsibility. Failing this it must be CPA contract lift meaning that the crane owner is the person who employs the user and controls the use.

MCH are capable of hiring out cranes under both sets of conditions. Their website makes it clear which company has responsibility in which area and advises about the amount of insurance the hirer should have. Working in a city is much different to working on a building site in the countryside and each job has its own needs. In the same way that you can be involved in crane hire in London you can find a good insurance deal.

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