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Crane Hire in Newcastle

Crane Hire is important in Newcastle and there has been a great deal of need for the companies providing this service. There was a period when there was a great deal of rebuilding and regeneration over the past 20 years and it was necessary for crane hire companies to be there for the construction industry.

Crane Hire in Newcastle Health, Safety and Insurance

With health and safety being so important companies who are hiring cranes will want to know that there will not be any accidents or if there are then they should be covered. Before hiring they should check that the company holds a CPCS Plant Operator certificate and also CSCS Skill Database Cards.

Insurance is also important and all eventualities should be thought about. The most serious event will clearly be the loss of life whether it is a member of staff or a member of the public and liability insurance should cover both eventualities. As this could lead to criminal charges it is clearly advisable that every effort is made to ensure that this stage is not reached. There can also be a large bill for damage to property so depending on the area the crane is being used in the amount should be carefully considered.

Local Crane Hire in Newcastle Companies

  • MSD Cranes have experience in crane hire and also offer other services including sales of new and second hand cranes. They are able to provide various cranes for building sites in Newcastle.
  • Reeds Crane and Plant Hire offer a service to the construction industry in Newcastle. As the cost of cranes is high it is difficult for many firms to buy their own equipment rather than hire it.
Due to the local crane hire companies, there are construction companies in Newcastle who can now bid for contracts knowing that they will not have to buy expensive equipment if they are accepted. If this was not the case and the equipment all had to be purchased, it may prevent local companies being presented with local jobs. If it was only the national companies who could afford the equipment it would surely put many of the smaller companies out of business.

Saving Money

It is not only the cost of the equipment that is saved when a local crane hire company in Newcastle is used. There will not be the need to transport equipment across the country and this will also waste time. There will not be the possibility of building up a relationship with a large company although the plus side of using a national firm can also be seen. They will be able to buy more expensive equipment and also manage to have a wider range of machines for hire.

With the increase in regeneration there will be the need for more firms able to offer crane hire in Newcastle. The more local firms there are the more local jobs will be created and hopefully the cycle can start again. The local firms already active are easy to contact and will be glad to help the jobs go as smoothly as possible.

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Crane Hire

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