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Crane Hire in Manchester

As a city that has undergone a great deal of regeneration over the last 20 years Manchester is a city that has spent a lot of time with cranes everywhere. As this can be a sign of prosperity it will often be a good sign but here was it is tinged with sadness as so much of the regeneration was necessary as a result of damage caused by a terrorist bomb. Crane hire in Manchester was an important business as there was the need to remove the evidence of the attack as soon as possible.

As with many sites where there are large buildings surrounding the site being developed it is important to have cranes that are strong enough to be able to do the job required whilst also being compact enough to fit into a limited amount of space. The bigger the crane the more room it will need and also the bigger the vehicle that will be needed to transport it there.

Crane Hire in Manchester Health and Safety

All crane hire companies in Manchester are fully aware of the health and safety regulations that apply and they are aware that this is important. With crane hire in Manchester there could be the possibility of a great deal of damage being done. This could be to people or property and while property can be replaced there will be a big bill for the company causing the damage and possibly a fine for the hirer afterwards. It is important to check before hiring that the company you choose is affiliated with the national qualifications and standards.

Crane Hire in Manchester Latest Technology

Crane hire in Manchester allows local companies to bid for projects within their own city. This has meant that often national companies are able to take the best of the work as they are able to put in a good price and know they can do the job quickly. However with crane hire companies now available in Manchester, many using the current technology, smaller local firms are increasingly winning bids for jobs.

For a crane that will be able to lift more than many others, Quigley’s are able to offer a crane that can out lift those offered by other companies. Add to this the fact that they are fitted with the latest technology this means they will not function outside pre set areas. This gives the operator the comfort of knowing that they will not end up overshooting their target and cause damage to anything nearby.

Quigley’s have a wide choice of cranes and can provide a machine to suit every job. As well as this they are able to provide transportation and training so there will be no need to spend time looking for separate companies or sending your staff off to different organisations to learn what they need to know. With crane hire in Manchester it is important to know that the service is offered 7 days a week. Many companies work weekends to make sure that they can meet a deadline so knowing that the hire companies will be available whenever they are needed will give the contractors the confidence to bid for jobs with shorter timescales.

Crane hire firms in Manchester can be proud that they were able to help rebuild their city as well as provide jobs for local people. The easier the machines are to source the more likely local companies will be able to get local contracts.

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